13th May is ROSE Day copy

13th May is ROSE Day!

  • From that day, the CHIP system will be replaced with a new and improved Electronic Patient Record.
  • Staff will need to be able to use the new system safely and effectively.
  • The ROSE team is here to help them.

What are we telling staff they need to do? How are we helping them?

STAFF need to learn how to use the system safely from day one.

To help them, WE:

  • are giving them access to a range of training support, including both an e-learning platform and classroom sessions;
  • are building a support network to help them go live from Rose Day, including a community of super users, drawn from their frontline colleagues, to provide or direct them to advice and assistance; and
  • are putting in place a full live support service, which will be available from Rose Day

The journey to Rose Day starts NOW.  Relevant staff members need to take the following steps:

  1. Book their training place as soon as possible, and before 31st January.  They can book here
  2. Complete their e-learning BEFORE their training session.
  3. Attend their classroom session
  4. If they have not already done so, get their Smartcard by raising a service call to the Smartcard Team – they can contact the Smartcard Team via the HIS Support Desk via http://nww.itservicedesk.northstaffs.nhs.uk/
  5. Check they have their Smartcard PIN and that the Smartcard works

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