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We’re on the final countdown to ROSE

The final countdown has begun to ROSE Day on 13th May 2017

  • ROSE Day is 13th May 2017
  • Super Users and floorwalkers will be available to support staff
  • Leaflets will be available for service users

ROSE Day is almost with us.  Our new Electronic Patient Record (EPR) goes live from 13th May.

We have always stored many of our patient records on computerised systems, as well as on paper.  Our new EPR brings all of this information together into one place, so that staff involved in care have access to it in one place when they need it.

It helps clinicians to take advantage of the knowledge and advice of colleagues, it offers a continuous record of all care and it also tells us things like what medicines have been prescribed, and any allergies or test results.

Everything has been done to maximise the likelihood of a successful launch and an army of Super Users and floorwalkers will be available over the first few days to support staff.

Leaflets will be available in our service areas, letting patients know that the new EPR is here and providing reassurance that only those staff involved in their care will be able to access their care record, along with those involved in hospital management and appointment administration.

The Data Protection Act gives any service user the right to find out what information we hold about the.  They can request informal access when they receive care from us. If they believe incorrect information is held, they can discuss this with the staff involved in their care.

If any service user has any questions, they can email the ROSE Team at

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