13th May is ROSE Day copy

All about ROSE


We are introducing an Electronic Patient Record.  EPR is more than a computer system, ROSE will transform the way we work, making sense of our complex health services and using health information in clever ways.

The EPR system will not only help us to treat patients more effectively to improve our care by giving us the tools we need to be safer and more efficient.  It will also enable staff to have easier access to up to date information. 

It would be easy to think of ROSE as simply a computer system that stores and takes paper-based health records and archives them digitally.  In reality, ROSE will bring about a step-change in how all our staff in NSCHT work.

At NSCHT we are joining the information revolution, channelling its power to help us deliver safer, more efficient services to our service users. You will all be familiar with computers and the types of information that are stored on them about us, from our passports, bank details to our online shopping.  Why should our systems be any different? We care for many thousands of patients with different and complex health conditions every day. Having up to date, accurate information, available to everyone, whenever they need it helps us to offer the best care we can and ensure that patients get the treatment they need.   When patient records are stored on paper, the information can be hard to read and understand and needs analysis by staff by reading through all of the record every time they see a patient.

Our EPR system is capable of taking this information and applying the intelligence, knowledge and experience of a much wider set-up.  This means the system is capable of suggesting plans of care, and supporting clinical decision-making. By drawing on best practice from across the NHS and beyond, ROSE could give everyone working in local health services the tools they need to deliver safer, more efficient care.

Our EPR system chosen by NSCHT is called ‘Lorenzo’ and is supplied by CSC.